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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the itinerary and schedule for the group trip?

​The full itinerary will be sent after you book the trip but you can check the highlights of the group trip on the 2024 Group Trip page.

What accommodations are provided during the group trip?

​You will be staying in a Luxury Villa.

What transportation options are available for traveling to and from the group trip location?

Transportation will be provided throughout the entire duration of the trip.

Are there any additional costs or fees associated with attending the group trip, such as meals or activities that are not included in the payment?

​Yes, You are accountable for your flights, lunches and dinners, cocktails, tipping, and any personal shopping expenses should you choose to indulge in shopping.

How do I make payments for the group trip?

Please see our payments options here

What are the cancellation policies and refund options?

​Please see refunds/cancellations.

How will I get to Curaçao?

There aren't many cities going direct to Curaçao besides Miami. However, Atlanta flies direct to Curaçao but only on Saturdays. We suggest finding a flight to Aruba (Aua) and then catching one of the local airlines to Curaçao.

The local airlines are: DIVI DIVI Air and EZ Air

(Hey, who knows, maybe you would like to do a two-for-one and spend a little time in Aruba before heading over to Curaçao.)

How many people will be on the trip?

Our maximum capacity is 10 people, and this trip is coed. We strictly welcome only professional, kind, likeminded, and respectful individuals on our group trips.

What should I pack for the group trip?

We recommend packing swimsuits, casual clothes, two nice outfits for outings, sunscreen, shorts (appropriate for hot weather), swim shoes, an orange bathing suit for the beach day, and sunhats.

Will there be any group activities or free time?

Yes, both.

Will meals be provided during the group trip?

Yes, daily breakfast is provided in the villa.

What kind of travel insurance is recommended for the group trip?

We do not offer travel insurance. Please refer to our refund/ cancellation policy.

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